Thursday, March 1st

A new month, a new blog.  I decided that my other blog,, is a specialized blog dedicated to experiments in dyeing with natural elements.  However, I do make, create and do a lot more than just dye fibers with natural dye.  I also make artwork through punch needle designs, rug hook with my naturally dyed yarn/fabric, justify not working out of the house by taking care of a wonderful little boy named Lucas and my darling daughter Lanie.  Lucas’ parents are kind enough to allow me to watch him during the week.  The best part is that Lanie and Lucas get along better than my other children ever have gotten along.  I suppose it’s because they always have a break from each other every day and on the weekends.

Alas, I have gotten off track.  Well, that is to be expected.  My interests are varied.  I enjoy creating things in the kitchen, and I will often claim that I cannot bake, but the truth is I can bake, there are just a few things I am not all that successful in making-especially pie crust and cookies.  I love doing art projects with Lanie and Lucas.  It is so fun to see them paint without having to follow any lines and to get messy.

I am also a self-proclaimed readaholic.  I love to read books, although sometimes I think I read them too fast to really enjoy them.  I have trouble putting a book down.  Most of the time I read before I go to sleep, which helps.  Eventually my eyes begin to show signs that they are ready to close for the day, and I cannot read without them, so I give in, shut the light off and get some shut-eye.  I often wish that I could be a part of a book club, but the books that I have been reading lately are, lets say, a little different.  I haven’t read a novel in at least three months.  I am currently reading two books on the Civil War.

The one I am currently reading is Battle Cry of Freedom by James McPherson.  It has been so educational and has reminded me of things I learned in history classes that I put in the back of the file cabinet in my brain.  I had forgotten about the Second Great Awakening or the Transcendentalist movement.  I am currently reading about the nomination of Lincoln, but the information about what led to the Civil War has been so insightful.  It allows me to understand more fully the attitudes of people of the time.  I won’t get into the book any further than that, but it really is a wonderful book.

The other book that I am reading, and am currently taking a brief hiatus from is The Civil War, A Narrative Volume III by Shelby Foote.  This book has focused more on the battles and the military and political strategies of the Civil War.  I have so much respect and gratitude for the sacrifices that the soldiers and families of the Civil War era endured so that we could live in a country we live in today.  It is easy to forget how important this era was in American history because it has been 150 years.  But the Civil War and situations surrounding the Civil War really shaped our country into what it is today.  Well, maybe not what it is today, but….

The Civil War: A Narrative (3 Volume Set)

My hope is to show off some projects I have completed at home to inspire other people, or just to show relatives that I can do more than, then, I guess I don’t really know what they think I do.  Regardless, here is my place to share a part of my life with the world. Enjoy!


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