Bean Seed Experiment

Today, I started an experiment with Lanie and Lucas that involved bean seeds.  First we talked about what seeds need to grow.  We discussed this while Lanie and Lucas were helping me water my plants for my dye garden.  Lanie told me we needed water (as she was spraying the plants liberally with water; as well as the table, chairs and Lucas!).  The seeds also needed the sun.

I didn’t actually mean to start this experiment, but I thought the kids would think it was neat to watch their bean seeds grow while they were attached to a window.  So we started with four napkins.  Lanie used her handy dandy spray bottle and made the napkin nicely wet.

Her next job was to put the bean seeds on her nicely wetted napkins and fold the napkins in half.Then we placed the napkin hugged beans into a resealable plastic bag.

Finally it was time to place the bags in four different places where Lanie (I have since lost Lucas to Thomas trains) thought the beans would grow best.  We looked where we could see the sun and where we couldn’t.  The first place we put one was on a north facing window.

The second was placed on a south-facing window where we could see the sun, although the clouds were covering up part of it.

The third place was put conveniently on Lanie’s bedroom door.  Why not?  I mean who wouldn’t want a bean seed experiment on their bedroom door?

And finally, this one is by far my favorite, we put the fourth baggie on the guest turtle aquarium.

I asked Lanie which baggie she thought would grow the fastest.  She said “The one on the turtle cage because the turtles have a light just like the sun.”  What a smartie pants!  We’ll have to see what happens!


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