The Summer Bucket List

I hate to plan.

My kids love to ask me what we are doing next weekend and my usual response is “I don’t even know what I am doing tomorrow!”  Unless I put it on the calendar, I don’t plan.  I like to go with the flow.  See what happens.  Let things do what they may.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to create a bucket list for the summer.  I know it is probably cliché, but I thought it would be a good way for us to have a board that could spark an idea for something to do.

I created a few worksheets and set the kids to work.  They were given nine spaces, but I told them that those were more  guidelines then anything.  Jason came up with a quick two and then decided that he would get back to me.  Lanie, the youngest came up with a few I was a little surprised about.  Emily quickly filled hers in and asked when we were going to start and then ran off with her friend and Lanie in tow.

Using our cork board that normally holds up pictures of friends and family and the calendar, I cut and pasted and created the board.  I used a template I found on the tatertots and jello blog.  I also created “Done” tags to post next to the ones that we completed.  My next step is going to be posting pictures on our bucket list board of the things that we do!

I, of course, got this idea from looking at pinterest.  I was enamored by the creativity all these moms put into their work!  I think my board took roughly 30 minutes to put together-which includes printing, writing on the cards, cutting and pasting.

You can get more great ideas by looking at a few other examples from The Taylor House, Mommy With A Lesson Plan, MamaScout, Creekside Learning,and  Crafty Chicks.


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