Science Experiment: Rock Candy

Last Wednesday, we started a science experiment with sugar, water, wooden sticks and a couple of canning jars.

First, we found out that the mixture of sugar and water needs to be between a 2:1 and 3:1 ratio.  This being a sugar to water ratio.  I explained what a ratio was and had Jason figure out if I had 2 cups of sugar how many cups of water I would need.  I didn’t realize how much sugar I would be using for this experiment of ours!  I used an entire bag to create a syrup that I then poured into canning jars.  We then mixed icing paste into the syrup to get a bright color.  The kids made red, purple, blue and green.

This wouldn’t be a science experiment if we didn’t have a few hypothesis!  Emily thought it would be hard and good and the colors would turn out brighter then she thought.  I’m not quite sure how we would measure that, but it’s okay to be objective every once in a while.

Jason thought it would look like rocks and taste like candy.  And Lanie thought it would look like chocolate chips.

Fortunately we were going up north to Marcell, MN for five days so the experiments would not be disturbed.

Upon our return from up north, we checked out our experiment.  I think the kids were really looking forward to eating candy that they had made.  Unfortunately, we needed to wait a few more days for our results to come in, or at least turn out they way the experiment was suppose to.

I had the kids look at their experiments and tell me what they saw.  Jason said that it looked harder and more solid.  The experiment had turned into a solid from a liquid.  Emily said that some of hers was still a liquid.  Lanie said hers was hard.

Then we pulled the sticks from the liquidy solid mess.  The kids then told me what they saw.  Jason said it looked like a couple of pieces of rock candy, there were cube shaped crystals.  Emily said that hers was still a liquid.  Lanie said hers looked great.

Finally, the moment that all three kids were looking forward to:  the taste test.  Jason said “It’s amazing, it’s really sweet”.  Emily said “I don’t like it….I love it!”  and Lanie said “Mine doesn’t taste good”.

Out of all four trials, the one jar that had the most crystals in it was the lightest color, red.  Green, purple and blue were all very dark.  I am not a science whiz, but we all thought about it and decided that the lighter color made more crystals because it let more light in.

An update will be coming tomorrow!  We will be completing the experiment since everything I read said that you were suppose to wait seven days.  Pictures will be included as well!


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