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Garden Sign

I have a deep infatuation with Pinterest.  I found this great garden sign on Pinterest last year, or maybe the year before (the years really start to blend together).


Last year was a mess, with us moving and all.  This year, I decided that I needed to have some decorations.  I used a pallet I had picked up about three months ago and painted my own sign.

Honestly, my biggest struggle with doing anything that is done like something I see on Pinterest, is that is doesn’t look like the object I am copying.  I had to just let it go.  My sign turned out pretty flippin’ fantastic.  I love it.  And the best part about it is that it isn’t a copy, but it is unique.  And that is one thing I really love:  original, unique.



Gymnastics Medals: Part I


So I started this project several months ago, but stuff gets in the way.  Really my brain comes up with new projects all the time.  I find it hard to finish anything!  It’s pretty frustrating.

I figured if I wrote about it then I would finish it.

I glued together a bunch of colorful paper and then cut out the letters for gymnastics, along with two gymnasts.  I used this plex-glass sort of material I found at Menards.  It was fairly cheap and I only used about a quarter of a sheet.  Maybe a third.

Anyway, my biggest issue has been trying to screw on the hooks for her to hang her medals on.

I tried ironing it to heat it up so it would be a little bit more pliable.  It worked.  However, I still ended up with a crack on one of the places where I was going to put a hook.  Oh well, can’t always be perfect!

I intend, in Part II to put pictures of my beautiful daughter doing gymnastics behind the word gymnastics-in a collage of some sort.

The Summer Bucket List

I hate to plan.

My kids love to ask me what we are doing next weekend and my usual response is “I don’t even know what I am doing tomorrow!”  Unless I put it on the calendar, I don’t plan.  I like to go with the flow.  See what happens.  Let things do what they may.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to create a bucket list for the summer.  I know it is probably cliché, but I thought it would be a good way for us to have a board that could spark an idea for something to do.

I created a few worksheets and set the kids to work.  They were given nine spaces, but I told them that those were more  guidelines then anything.  Jason came up with a quick two and then decided that he would get back to me.  Lanie, the youngest came up with a few I was a little surprised about.  Emily quickly filled hers in and asked when we were going to start and then ran off with her friend and Lanie in tow.

Using our cork board that normally holds up pictures of friends and family and the calendar, I cut and pasted and created the board.  I used a template I found on the tatertots and jello blog.  I also created “Done” tags to post next to the ones that we completed.  My next step is going to be posting pictures on our bucket list board of the things that we do!

I, of course, got this idea from looking at pinterest.  I was enamored by the creativity all these moms put into their work!  I think my board took roughly 30 minutes to put together-which includes printing, writing on the cards, cutting and pasting.

You can get more great ideas by looking at a few other examples from The Taylor House, Mommy With A Lesson Plan, MamaScout, Creekside Learning,and  Crafty Chicks.

Bubble Painting

Yesterday, I used bubble paint for the first time with kids.  I had done it before in workshops, but I had never gone the distance and actually tried it out with kiddos.  Needless to say, it was a bit messier with children then with adults!  But getting messy doing art is part of the fun!

I went on pinterest (I know some of you might be thinking that I live on pinterest) to find a bubble paint recipe.  I had an idea of how to make it, but I just wanted to be sure.  Anyway, I used WhiMysy love’s blog found at:  I did change up the paint used.  I used some tempera paint in place of the acrylic.  I also found that I had to use more water then she had listed.  I am not one for recipes, but I used a glob of tempera paint, a squeeze of dish soap, and a quick splash of water (or two depending on the size of the container used).

Here is our paint in different size containers.  I didn’t have any disposable containers, so I used what I had.  The cups were not hard to clean since half of what was in them was soap!

Mixing Bubble PaintHere we have paint with a squirt of dish soap and a bit of water.  We also mixed colors as the tempera paint I have is primary colors.

  Laine helped out in mixing the paint!  I love to have helpers!!!

Laine went a little overboard blowing bubbles (but it’s easy to do!)

Lanie and I tried out blowing bubbles in the bubble paint.  I think our faces ended up with a bit of paint as well, but whose going to know?

Our results were down right beautiful!  Why wouldn’t they be????  Lucas and Lanie did a wonderful job.  With Lucas (he is about 22 months), I had him pop the bubbles with his paper.  He also popped the bubbles with his fingers!


Our paint did end up a little light when we first started, but that’s an easy fix.  Just add a little more paint!