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Gymnastics Medals: Part I


So I started this project several months ago, but stuff gets in the way.  Really my brain comes up with new projects all the time.  I find it hard to finish anything!  It’s pretty frustrating.

I figured if I wrote about it then I would finish it.

I glued together a bunch of colorful paper and then cut out the letters for gymnastics, along with two gymnasts.  I used this plex-glass sort of material I found at Menards.  It was fairly cheap and I only used about a quarter of a sheet.  Maybe a third.

Anyway, my biggest issue has been trying to screw on the hooks for her to hang her medals on.

I tried ironing it to heat it up so it would be a little bit more pliable.  It worked.  However, I still ended up with a crack on one of the places where I was going to put a hook.  Oh well, can’t always be perfect!

I intend, in Part II to put pictures of my beautiful daughter doing gymnastics behind the word gymnastics-in a collage of some sort.