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Minimizing Days 2, 3 and 4

I have to admit that doing this challenge is not easy.  It would be really easy if I were getting rid of other people’s things.  But I am not.  I am trying to stick to getting rid of my own crap first, set a good example and all that good stuff.

Anyway, so I started off Day 1 with the VCR/DVD player.  That was easy enough because we really don’t use it, it’s been sitting next to my husband’s dresser since we moved in.

Now it’s on to something else.  I decided to start in my closet.  Which is pretty difficult because, even though I typically alternate wearing about the same five things every week, I don’t want to shed clothes from my already bare closet.  I have clothes in there that I had in highschool.  Pretty sad.  It’s actually just one thing and I am holding onto because I really like it.  It’s this comfy wool sweater that I like to wear once in a while.  Although I have been thinking about felting it and making some nice mittens out of it.  I am getting off track.

So, I missed Day 2 and 3 and I am making up for it here.  I haven’t gotten to Day four yet, but the day isn’t over yet.

For Day 2, I decided to get rid of this shirt that I kind of liked, but when I wear it I look like a box.  And the other is this sweatshirt wrap thing that I never really quite got down the right way to wear it.  I chose to show off some pictures, well, because I can include how ugly they are too-or not.


Day 3, I decided that I have enough shoes and I need to get rid of a few tennis shoes/running shoes.  One pair I used mostly for mowing the lawn, another I have run multiple races in, including a half marathon in Gettysburg, and the last I just thought they looked cool but I don’t wear them so what’s the point in keeping them?


Okay, so there is day 2 and 3.  I will have to move on to day four later today, but I have lots of other things to do-namely get on with my day and quit dwelling on the crap I am going to get rid of.


Minimizing: Day 1

So I ran across this “challenge” of sorts on Pinterest, and I thought it would be a good idea.  I also thought it would be a good idea to start on the first of the month, which happens to be today!

So on May 1st, I am going to start getting rid of things that I no longer need or use and try to minimize the amount of stuff in my world.

The challenge comes from a blog called Making It Home.  If you follow the link, it will take you to the challenge.

I am going to break it down to what I think of it: essentially you get rid of things every day.  On the first, one thing.  On the second, two things.  And on and on.  The goal is to get rid of stuff so that by the end of the month you have gotten rid of 456 things, which is hard to imagine that you could do that and still have too much crap.

Anyway, I am here to start today.  And today I chose to get rid of a VCR/DVD player that we have yet to plug in and use in our new house (we’ve lived here for 10 months).  My plan is to have a garage sale in two weeks, so here is one thing going on the chopping block, or the seller’s table.

I am going to reminisce just a bit.  18 years ago, I moved to Portland, OR with two pillows, a blanket and a bag of clothes.  It got me by.  Of course, I was 19, I didn’t have kids, and cell phones didn’t really exist to the peon existence I lived in.  I was happy with a notebook, a deck of cards and a good buddy to play cards with.  I didn’t need anything else.  Matter of fact, we didn’t have furniture for the first two or three months we lived there.  Those were the days.  But now, I really love my bed, so there’s that.  I hope to continue!  Crossing fingers and toes!