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Garden Sign

I have a deep infatuation with Pinterest.  I found this great garden sign on Pinterest last year, or maybe the year before (the years really start to blend together).


Last year was a mess, with us moving and all.  This year, I decided that I needed to have some decorations.  I used a pallet I had picked up about three months ago and painted my own sign.

Honestly, my biggest struggle with doing anything that is done like something I see on Pinterest, is that is doesn’t look like the object I am copying.  I had to just let it go.  My sign turned out pretty flippin’ fantastic.  I love it.  And the best part about it is that it isn’t a copy, but it is unique.  And that is one thing I really love:  original, unique.



Gymnastics Medals: Part I


So I started this project several months ago, but stuff gets in the way.  Really my brain comes up with new projects all the time.  I find it hard to finish anything!  It’s pretty frustrating.

I figured if I wrote about it then I would finish it.

I glued together a bunch of colorful paper and then cut out the letters for gymnastics, along with two gymnasts.  I used this plex-glass sort of material I found at Menards.  It was fairly cheap and I only used about a quarter of a sheet.  Maybe a third.

Anyway, my biggest issue has been trying to screw on the hooks for her to hang her medals on.

I tried ironing it to heat it up so it would be a little bit more pliable.  It worked.  However, I still ended up with a crack on one of the places where I was going to put a hook.  Oh well, can’t always be perfect!

I intend, in Part II to put pictures of my beautiful daughter doing gymnastics behind the word gymnastics-in a collage of some sort.

Bubble Painting

Yesterday, I used bubble paint for the first time with kids.  I had done it before in workshops, but I had never gone the distance and actually tried it out with kiddos.  Needless to say, it was a bit messier with children then with adults!  But getting messy doing art is part of the fun!

I went on pinterest (I know some of you might be thinking that I live on pinterest) to find a bubble paint recipe.  I had an idea of how to make it, but I just wanted to be sure.  Anyway, I used WhiMysy love’s blog found at:http://whimsy-girl.blogspot.com/2010/08/summer-break-day-83.html  I did change up the paint used.  I used some tempera paint in place of the acrylic.  I also found that I had to use more water then she had listed.  I am not one for recipes, but I used a glob of tempera paint, a squeeze of dish soap, and a quick splash of water (or two depending on the size of the container used).

Here is our paint in different size containers.  I didn’t have any disposable containers, so I used what I had.  The cups were not hard to clean since half of what was in them was soap!

Mixing Bubble PaintHere we have paint with a squirt of dish soap and a bit of water.  We also mixed colors as the tempera paint I have is primary colors.

  Laine helped out in mixing the paint!  I love to have helpers!!!

Laine went a little overboard blowing bubbles (but it’s easy to do!)

Lanie and I tried out blowing bubbles in the bubble paint.  I think our faces ended up with a bit of paint as well, but whose going to know?

Our results were down right beautiful!  Why wouldn’t they be????  Lucas and Lanie did a wonderful job.  With Lucas (he is about 22 months), I had him pop the bubbles with his paper.  He also popped the bubbles with his fingers!


Our paint did end up a little light when we first started, but that’s an easy fix.  Just add a little more paint!