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Entering A New Phase

I initially started this blog to showcase stuff I did with my kids.  Instead, I am going to showcase stuff I make.

I also wanted to ‘showcase’ a terrific charity organization I just found out about and am making blankets for this year.  It is called the Linus Project.  The chapter I am working with is the Greater Twin Cities Chapter in Minnesota.

The Linus Project is a non-profit organization that creates blankets for various other charities and distributes them throughout the year.  I think it is fantastic.

Prior to finding the Linus Project, I had been thinking about what I could do.  I have always had a pull to helping out those less fortunate then me, and I wanted to utilize my talents as well.  So, I decided to start making blankets.  At first I was going to directly send them to Sharing and Caring Hands, because I absolutely love everything about that place and it’s found, Mary Jo Copeland.  Sharing and Caring Hands is one of the organizations that the Linus Project sends blankets to.

I had thought about my own children and how having a blanket of their own was really very comforting.  That is where my inspiration comes from.  It’s not much, but it’s enough for now.

Anyway, I am done with two blankets, but I have about 50 (not really) in progress.  I just need to find the time to fire up my sewing machine, and the energy to do it too.

Pictures to come soon of the blankets I have created!